Apps and websites I've developed.

Over the past few years, I've experimented and built a strong platform of development skills for mobile, web, and back end. Here, I showcase some of my favorite mobile apps, web apps, and full-stack platforms that I've developed and released, and are still used and loved by thousands.


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Mobile App

Downloaded and loved by over 200,000 students, Grades is the favorite tool for high school students across the nation to check and analyze their course assignment and test grades.


Epilog is a social web and mobile app that allows students to continue enjoying the tradition of yearbook signing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Custom built for University High School in Irvine, California, UniConnect is a resource for students and parents to access details on school-wide and student activities, information, sports, events, and more.


Skillpage is an online platform for developers to quickly create and share a portfolio showcasing their software engineering projects to recruiters, allowing them to add value to their job applications.

JavaScriptExpressReact + ReduxMongoDB
Mobile App

Built for TiE Socal and their TiECon Southwest 2019 event, this app included an interactive personalized schedule, live notifications, as well as tools to allow every attendee to have the best experience at this yearly event.


Built during a 48-hour hackathon, Sustainabear is a marketplace for socially-conscious products that allows buyers to support charitable organizations with a cut of the product's price.

SwiftXcodeJavaScriptExpressReact + ReduxMongoDB